A true EveryDay Carry (EDC) flashlight is a flashligh which conveniently always with you wherever you go. This versatile compact flashlight is unlike any other, specially modified with Nichia E21A high CRI R9080 or Nichia E17A (medium spotter/single color) in a small size to cover almost anything, from basic daily needs to professional tasks.



- Very high CRI Nichia E21A LED for near sun like color rendition (5000K - 6500K) or incandescent (2000K - 4500K) light source.

- Single color Nichia E17A (Red, Green, Blue, and Amber) for special tasks

- Low CRI R70 Nichia E17A for bright keychain sized spotter

- Waterproof according to IPX68 standard

- Drop proof from 2 meters

- Highly efficient current regulated driver maintains flat runtime for almost the entire battery life.

- Practical three modes with mode memory

- Very compact and small size.

- Sleek and durable, the HAIII finish resists wear, tear, and abuse of daily uses.

- 4 types of optics included in the pakage to suit your needs

* Optics replacement how - to guide



- Weight: 42,5gr (with AAA battery)

- Dimension: 14,2mm (head diameter), 14,8mm (max body diameter), 70,4mm (lenght)

- Finish: Type III hard anodized



JetuE21A (R9080)
H: 79 lumens, 55 minutes (regulated) - 59 minutes (10% output)
M: 17 lumens, 270 minutes (4,5 hours)*
L: 1,2 lumens, 2200 minutes (36,7 hours)*


JetuE17A (5000K R70)
H: 100 lumens, 55 minutes (regulated) - 59 minutes (10% output)
M: 21 lumens, 270 minutes (4,5 hours)*
L: 1,5 lumens, 2200 minutes (36,7 hours)*


In the package:

- 1x Jetbeam JetuE21A/JetuE17A

- 1x spare O-ring

- 1x pocket clip

- 1x lanyard

- 1x user manual

- 1x 10° textured TIR optic

- 1x 20° textured TIR optic

- 1x 30° textured TIR optic

- 1x 30° hollow textured TIR optic

Battery is NOT INCLUDED!