This is a quad die LED. Practically 4 x 219C cramped together and wired to 6V (NV4x144AM) or 12V (NV4x144AR). Best when lots of lumens needed from a small point source. Will fit most optics and reflector system designed for 5mm x 5mm footprint such as Cree XML/XHP50.

This LED has the potential to be driven as hard as 40+ watt when paired with VR16S1 MCPCB continuously as long as the cooling is good. Max output at ~7A up to 3700+ lumens for the R70 and 2600+ lumens for the R9050.



Avoid narrow angle SMO reflector unless it's designed for it. Most smooth narrow angle ("thrower") reflector and TIR will create slightly yellow spot in the center beam (spiegelei/egg yolk) depends on the CCT. Almost any angle faceted/peebled/beaded/frosted/color mixing TIR optics will work extremely well. Works OK with OP reflector and some medium to wide angle SMO reflector. Any diffusser will also fix the yellow spot.





Nichia 144AM