A well known 3535 package LED with the best output-efficacy-CRI balance suits most applications with the widest circuit boards optics/reflector selections available anywhere in the world. Now comes in 2700K - 6500K in 92 CRI typical and minimum R9 (deep red) of 50 points.


These LED produces the most natural colour from the candle like 2700K, relaxing 4000K, to sun like colour for the 5700K - 6500K. The 5000K is the most wanted CCT for flashaholics as it gives the most neutral and clean white light.


Independent test showed this LED output peaked at ~ 6,5 A (approximately 1100 lumens with good cooling)


More Info:

NVSL219CT: [2700K - 4500K]

NVSW219CT: [5000K - 6500K]



Nichia 219x