This is currently Nichia's highest efficiency mid power 3030 LED. With broad selection of CRI and CCT, it is a very versatile low cost LED for various applications. Robust special polymer package designed to resist sulfuration and higher reflectance makes it brighter for longer in polluted environment.


The high CRI version (R9050 minimum) has the best balance between cost, efficacy, and light quality. Makes designing high quality lighting on a budget possible. The R70 version has very high efficiency with acceptable light quality for energy critical application such as battery or solar powered application, reaching 211 lumens/watt in real world conditions. Under driven (< 10mA, 25°C), 240 lumens/watt is easy to get. Below are some performance comparison between types:


224 lm/watt (65mA, 25°C); 211 lm/watt (65mA, 85°C)

189 lm/watt (max. 240mA 25°C); 178 lm/watt (max. 240mA 85°C)


215 lm/watt (65mA, 25°C); 204 lm/watt (65mA, 85°C)

181 lm/watt (max. 240mA 25°C); 171 lm/watt (max. 240mA 85°C)


186 lm/watt (65mA, 25°C); 174 lm/watt (65mA, 85°C)

157 lm/watt (max. 240mA 25°C); 147 lm/watt (max. 240mA 85°C)




Nichia 757H-F1