Near gapless configuration of 4x E21A die size on a ceramic package with phosphors deposited in between the seams. This 3,65mm x 3,65mm LED is a miniaturization of the bigger 144A (5mm x 5mm) but with color quality and CCT range of E series. Although the max output and current capabilities are less than normal 4x E21A setup, the tighter uniform "donut free" beam and robust ceramic package makes this LED easier to implement where tight beam control is required. The white reflector "fence" make sure most of the light directed upwards and reduce the color shift over angle.Designed for high power (8 watts) narrow beam directional lighting with broad range of CCT (from 2700K to 7500K) and available in various CRI (Rnn, R70. R8000, R9050, R9080). Combined with ER16S1 and ER20S1 MCPCBs, it can be overdriven up to ~20 watts to make for a powerful punch beam. Data sheet:	Crxx (High output, high efficiency) 	TLCI 90 (For high quality television broadcasting)	R70, R8000, R9050, R9080 (low to high CRI for general lighting application)

Nichia B35Ax

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