Nichia second smallest CSP (1,7mm x 1,7mm) now comes in white and colors. Based on E17A all of these PC (Phosphor Converted) color LEDs (except blue NCSCE17A and NCSBE17A) have the same voltage as their white variants (NCSLE17A and NCSWE17A). Making color mixing in cluster configuration easier. PC color LED means these color E17A have much broader spectrum coverage than conventional pure color LED.


Data sheet:

Warm white (1800K - 4500K)

Cool white (5000K - 6500K)

Blue (425 - 470nm)

Light blue (445 - 499nm)

Turquoise / Azure (432 - 590nm)

Green (483 - 599nm)

Yellow - green / Lime (493 - 686nm)

Amber (523 - 716nm)

Red (582 - 723nm)

Deep red (590 - 761nm)


Nichia E17A