This is the new 119D engineering sample meant for evaluation purpose only. The price reflects cost paid (shipping and duty tax only) to get it.


"As there LEDs are the engineering samples, we can not assure any reliability on them. We have no responsibilty for any kind of sales of any systems, products, and so on into which they are incorporated."


Data Sheet:


Early observation can be found here:


The easiest LED to dedome without heat and chemical treatment. It uses two different primary lens material: hard glass and silicone (the dome). This multi refractive index approach makes it extract more light in OEM and dedomed state. The flat glass lens protects the phosphor layer after dedoming process and also provide extra medium with refractive index higher than the air to aid more photon extraction (less heat, more light output).

Dedomed, the beam is significantly tighter than Cree XPL HI. Great option for small pocket thrower up to 4A/LED (~1300 LED lumens).