XP32 Freatures:

- Copper MCPCB for XP series, XT-E, 3535, 219

- Direct thermal path

- Triple LED (series or parallel)

- Single LED (Center LED isolated from the rest of the LEDs)

- Quad LED where the center LED can be used for various purposes, e.g. low voltage warning red light

- Achieve series or parallel connection with only 1 board. Series connection is done without jumpers. Parallel connection is done by switching the polarity orientation of only 1 LED and soldering only 2 jumpers.

- 3Oz copper trace thickness, the same like 3XP. All the space available is utilized to fully widen the traces as much as possible, the same was done with the 3XP. This aspect is superior to anything else on the market making sure the circuit has a low resistance value.

- For parallel connection there are a series of pads that can be used to connect several leads the most convenient lead placement

- Gold plated pads and copper core

- Flat bottom surface

- Thickness is 2mm, which makes suitable to handle heat even with less secondary heatsink volume.

-M2.5 screws can be user to secure the if needed in 2 extra holes even when used with an optic.

- Suitable for indoor, outdoor and flashlight use

- Compatible with Ledil Cute and Khatod PL605A optics

- Diameter: 32mm, Thickness: 2mm

Noctigon XP32 [Parallel/series]

  • For additional cost, we can solder any suitable LED(s) on the MCPCB. Please buy the LED(s) first and then buy the soldering service. We'll reflow the MCPCB using LED in your cart.

    Use the product picture and leave the instruction in the "special instruction" field (optional). Check here