This is a mini 10mm copper insulated MCPCB with very good performance for Nichia 757 family (Optisolis included). This mini board thermal performance exceeds Nichia 757 mid power LED requirements. It's thermal resistance is much lower than whats needed for most mid power LEDs.



  • MCPCB metal substrate: copper
  • MCPCB thickness (metal substrate only): 1mm (+/- 0,1mm)
  • Dielectric thickness: 100μm (+/- 10μm)
  • Dielectric thermal conductivity: 3 W/MK
  • Copper trace thickness: 1 Oz
  • MCPCB dimension: 10mm (+/- 0,1mm)
  • Pads surface finish: OSP
  • Milled outline (not punched)


  • For additional cost, we can solder any suitable LED(s) on the MCPCB. Please buy the LED(s) first and then buy the soldering service. We'll reflow the MCPCB using LED in your cart.

    Use the product picture and leave the instruction in the "special instruction" field (optional). Check here

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